What are your hours?

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 5pm-10pm

What is Wooden Bar all about?

A bar with good food! Or maybe a restaurant with good drinks and bar service. Seat yourself, order at the bar, food will arrive at the table, ask us questions about the menu, and enjoy yourselves. A partnership between Wooden Noodles and an ever growing team to make some special food and a special space. We would love for you to experience it. 

What’s the food like? 

Our one sentence line is: New England ingredients approached with Asian methodology. Beyond that it’s complicated and depends on a lot of things. We don’t have many rules about the food we cook, and a lot depends on what farms are providing us and what our chefs are excited about cooking. We work closely with two farms for most of our produce and a small selection of seafood and meat providers, we try to let ingredients drive the menu as much as possible. We also love baking bread, making noodles, and preservation. Our menu changes a lot, keep an eye on our social media to get a sense of what we’re up to. 

What are the drinks like?

We have a menu of cocktails which rotate frequently, we serve drinks we’re excited about and try to put a lot of care into them. Expect a mix of classic cocktails alongside milk punches and unusual infusions. We are a licensed brewery and occasionally have our own beer, sake, and kombucha on the menu. We also serve beer from Honest Weight and other local breweries. Our sake and wine list is small but growing, we love the bottles and pours on the list and are excited to be serving them. We also have some great non-alcoholic options on the menu, mostly our own sodas and mocktails.

Is it Wooden Noodles or Wooden Bar? 

Chris and Spencer did ramen popups as wooden noodles starting in 2017, when we decided to open a brick and mortar we decided to name it Wooden Bar since we were offering more than just ramen. It’s a little confusing but that’s the story, we use both instagrams for things, but following Wooden Bar is your best bet, we use Wooden Noodles for nerding out about ramen, hot tubs, and random nonsense. 

Do you offer food to go or delivery? 

At the moment we don’t offer delivery, we can sometimes package up some of our dishes to go for our dine in patrons. Not all of our food travels well or can be easily packed up. Ask at the bar about to go options. 

Where are you located? 

4 Knowlton Ave in Worcester MA. We are tucked away and can be tricky to find, our parking lot is on the left hand of the road 

Are you kid friendly/can people under 21 dine in?

Yes! We are very family friendly.

Do you take reservations? 

At the moment we only take limited reservations for parties of 5 and above, call us for details. 

Do you have any outdoor dining? 

Hopefully coming soon, stay tuned for warmer weather and some outdoor options!

Do you open for private events?

Yes! Call us for details or send us a message or email. 

Do you offer catering?

Yes on occasion! Reach out and we would love to discuss.